6 Natural ways to get rid of Hair Loss in Man

It’s natural to lose hair, and everyone loses around 100 hair strand every day — no need to worry about that. But losing a large amount of hair can be the reason for an unhealthy lifestyle. Loss of hair fall in men has been seen a lot nowadays. There can be many reasons for hair loss which include diet, medications, stress, pollution, genetics, and mineral deficiency. In comparison to women, a man loses their hair more. Wearing a cap, hat or helmet for long hours could also be another reason for baldness in men. However, there are simple methods to slow down the baldness in men, and even stimulating the hair follicles to generate hair.

It is a bit of a task for men, but if you want to stay away from the baldness, you have to work for it. Here are some remedies which can help you slow the baldness and even reproduce it.

  • Scalp massage: One of the tested remedies of all the time. Massaging your scalp not only relaxes you but also help the blood to circulate. Blood brings oxygen to that hair buds which the follicle to grow and maintain its strength.
  • A Balanced Diet: a healthy intake keeps your hair shipshape. The right amount of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and proteins in your diet, is right for your hair strands. Certain vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin E help decrease the quantity of oxidative pressure and free radicals that cause the hair follicle cells to break down. Last but not least, make sure you drink at least 3 liters of water in a day.
  • Reduce Stress: This can be the main reason why you have hair fall. In today’s world a lot of things are there to be taken care of but stressing about it can only cause problems.  Try doing the stress-busting exercise like yoga, meditation, and listening to music or adventure sports that will help you reduce stress.
  • Oil Treatment: Regular oiling the scalp, the hair fall in men can be reduced. Here is a different kind of oil present in the market like coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil which widely recommended. There are other oils also which helps in regrowth of follicles like onion oil, bhringraj oil.
  • Regular Hair Wash: Washing your hair with the mild shampoo helps in keeping the scalp clean. Shampooing twice or thrice a week helps to lower the risk of infections and dandruff that may lead to hair loss.
  • Health Checkup: Last but not least, get you health checkup done at least once a year. Losing excessing amount of hair can be due to medical reasons. Or medication if you are taking any can cause the side effect of hair fall.

Excessive hair loss for men can sometimes lead to complete baldness. It can be very distressing and can make you feel uncomfortable which negatively impact one’s self-esteem, appearance, youth, and life. Don’t worry you need to bring change in your routine. By taking small steps, you can avoid or slow the process of hair fall for a more extended period.