Remodelling Your Jewellery

Remodelling Jewellery
One of the nicest things about your jewellery is that it is totally recyclable. Just because it’s now out of fashion, or you’ve “gone off it” doesn’t mean you have to leave it in a drawer never to be worn again. At Charlton Jewellers we can take just about anything that you have – be it a gold bracelet, a diamond ring or some other piece of jewellery, and bring it back to life by turning it into a new fashionable piece of jewellery that you can love all over again!

Is it worth it?
That’s something that only you can answer. The special piece you were given by someone who’s no longer with you, or that birthday gift from a friend may not have much financial value, but we’re sure they mean the world to you. Remodelling that piece may just be the way that you retain the original connection and meaning, whilst at the same time creating a new piece of jewellery that you can begin to enjoy wearing again.

Whats the process?
Initial consultation
An initial meeting with our store manager & designer Phil Tomkinson – please bring along any pictures or sketches of styles you like (if you have any) along with your jewellery. Phil will listen carefully to your design ideas, advise what can & can’t be done & explain the process. This initial consultation is crucial so that we have a good understanding of what you are looking to achieve before proceeding to the design. We would typically be able to give you an idea of cost at this stage.

We would then proceed to do an initial concept drawing. This typically can take anything from a few days to sometimes a week or so, depending on the complexity of the design.

Design Review
We then meet with you again for you to view the drawing to ensure we have interpreted your wishes correctly & to make any final suggestions or “tweaks” to refine the design. At this meeting we will be able to confirm the exact pricing.

Our jeweller Shayne will now begin the process of creating your new piece of jewellery. The time for this can once again vary depending on the design.

Before you know it your beautiful remodelled piece of jewellery is ready!

Unsure? Our pledge to you.
We understand the idea of remodelling your precious jewellery may be a little scary for some so we make you this very sincere promise – you will leave 100% happy. We would never want you to accept a new piece that you don’t absolutely love; if something is not right, quite simply we will put it right!

So take the plunge, it really is something that we enjoy immensely and we know you will find it very rewarding.

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