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You can feel completely safe shopping with Charlton Jewellers

  • Charlton Jewellers has been in business since 1976, originally as a sole trader, and has been a registered New Zealand company since 1985 on Aucklands north shore.

  • We have a "bricks and mortar" store in Glenfield Mall that is open 7 days a week.

  • We are members of the Jewellers Association of New Zealand.

  • We adhere to and abide by the New Zealand Fair Trading act.

  • We adhere to and abide by the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act.

  • Our banking and credit card facilities are with the ANZ/National bank.

  • We only purchase diamonds through legitimate channels in support of the Kimberley Process for the eradication of "conflict-diamonds".


Our Guarantee

At Charlton Jewellers we are very proud of the quality and standard both of the products we stock and the service we offer. We stand 100% behind each and every one of our products and in the unlikely event of a problem, will repair or replace (as required by law) any item found to be defective, or having a manufacturing or design fault. In short, we will "put things right".

Our 10-day no questions asked right of return ensures you can be completely assured and satisfied with your purchase.

We guarantee all our products to be fit for the purpose for which they are intended and as described on this site.


The Kimberley Process & "Conflict-diamonds"

In 2003 the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) was introduced by the United Nations General Assembly as a joint governments, industry and civil society initiative to stem the flow of conflict ("blood") diamonds – rough diamonds used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments. The trade in these illicit stones has fuelled devastating conflicts over many years in several countries and the scheme aims at preventing these "conflict diamonds" from entering the mainstream rough-diamond market and to assure consumers that in purchasing diamonds they were not helping to finance war and human rights abuses.

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) imposes extensive requirements on its members to enable them to certify shipments of rough diamonds as "conflict-free" and this process has made dramatic in-roads over the past decade towards achieving that goal.